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The seasons in Finland are really marked, and depending on which season you are in, is what activities you can practice, but I can tell that anytime that you come, it will be a huge variety of things to try.

To work as a guide here, you need to travel, because in the winter season the work is up north, and in the summer is down south. So, my life is divided in that way, half-year in the north and half year in the south. In summer I’m doing tours in the city, and in winter I do wilderness guiding, if you think about it, it is the same job, always customer service, always guiding, but the activities that we do, are completely different.

My experience working in Finland has been amazing because I have learned a lot from each place that I have worked for, I got the experience enough from big companies to finally jump on my own, that it was what I always wanted, and now I work for different companies and as an entrepreneur having my own customers.


Check out my tours: 

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Siilinkari island
Gear to set up tent in Siilinkari
Ski guiding


This is the city where I live and where I spend my time in the summer season, either way, I’m in Tampere or in Helsinki, because I do things in both cities, but the good thing about Tampere is that it has the perfect combination with nature and city, so it gives you the possibility to do a lot of things in summer and wintertime.

Some of the activities you can practice in wintertime are all related to ice and snow since everything is completely frozen. I never expected that I could work in a frozen lake, when I came the first time to Finland, I didn’t know that it was possible, but it is! Here is a little island call it Siilinkari and in wintertime, we built up a big tend where you can get hot drinks, some food and enjoy to practices different winter sports, like country ski, ice skating, ice fishing, kicksled and different activities that we organize for customers, we have the possibility to try the Finnish tradition of going to the sauna and jump in a hole made in a frozen lake, a thing that you can try the whole winter in anywhere in Finland.

In summer Tampere is a perfect place to come, because if you are more like a city person, but that loves the forest at the same time, this city is perfect for you because Tampere has a lot to offers as city life and as a place with outdoor activities, here you can practice a lot of them like kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, etc.


It is the area of Finland where the arctic circle begins, everything’s starts from Rovaniemi until the North Pole.

Rovaniemi is famous because it is where Santa Claus lives, he has his own village there and gets visitors from all over the world whole year-round, but of course, the peak season is in wintertime when everyone wants to see him and get the Christmas experience in his village.


I have worked in Rovaniemi, but nowadays I work in different places in Lapland in the winter season, here is the real wilderness guiding, is so many different activities that I do as a guide here, like hunting northern lights, snowshoeing, snowmobiles, skiing, ice fishing, husky rides, sauna experience with a hot tube, etc.


Helsinki is the capital of Finland, known for the spectacular architecture and design that it has, in summer we receive a lot of tourist coming from different countries in cruise ships, and my job here is showing the sightseeing of the city and some specials tours in boats around the most important islands in Helsinki.


In Helsinki, I have different kinds of customers, large groups that are interested in visiting the important places in the city and the small groups that want to walk and get the feeling of how the people live here. For the first ones, we are going by bus to the main attractions and for the second ones, I walk with them for 3 hours around the city in a special route where they can see what this exciting city offers, and I take them to hidden gems, where they can feel more how is to live in Helsinki.

The boat tour is an instance where I can share more about Finnish nature, showing that in Finland you can always get in touch with the silence and quietness that characterize this country, even when you live in the capital and everything looks busier than any other place in Finland.

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